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Finance Wizard loans are focused on precision and transparency which is why they have such a large customer base. Their loan applications are easy and can be done online with minimal hassle. You can get a personal loan or combine your credit card debts.

They use bank statements to assess your eligibility for a loan. They have a fast approval process and their payment period is in line with your pay cycle.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    R1,000 – R150,000
  • Interest
  • Term
    1 – 42 months
  • Age
    18+ years

Online loans

If you are looking for a quick online loan, you can count on Finance Wizard. They offer a fast and easy process that takes only five minutes. The company is also known for its low interest rates and friendly customer service. They are also a great choice for people with poor credit scores. They offer a variety of loans, including debt consolidation loans.

Finance Wizard offers unsecured personal loans to customers with bad credit and low incomes. Its loan application process is simple and straightforward, and it requires only two types of identification and a few basic personal details. Once the information is submitted, the lender will use its loan engine to evaluate your application and determine whether you are eligible for a loan. If you’re able to qualify for the loan, you can get your funds within an hour (provided that your application is approved and you accept the contract before 2.30 pm Sydney time on a business day).

Finance Wizard is a new player in the short-term lending space. The company is owned by Credit Corp, which is well-known as a debt buyer and collector. They recently expanded into lending with a number of brands, including Wallet Wizard and MoneyStart. The loans are not as expensive as payday loans, but they still carry higher interest rates than traditional personal loans.

Many consumers rely on Finance Wizard for quick cash loans when they need money urgently. These loans are often referred to as payday loans, but the company is working hard to remove this stigma. In addition to paying off existing debts, Finance Wizard also teaches its customers how to manage their finances. This can help you avoid future financial crises.

Personal loans

Getting a personal loan from Finance Wizard is simple, and you can borrow up to R150,000 with flexible terms. The lender has a focus on precision and transparency, which helps to ensure that you won’t be surprised by fees later on. Their loan repayment terms are also flexible and arranged to suit your budget.

A personal loan is a type of unsecured debt that is typically used to fund large purchases or cover unexpected expenses. This type of debt is often more affordable than credit card debt, and can provide the funds you need without requiring you to put up any collateral. This can be especially useful if you don’t have equity in your home or do not qualify for a home equity loan.

Some people use personal loans Finance Wizard to fund pricey events, like weddings or vacations. Others use them to pay off high-interest debt or consolidate their credit card debt into a single monthly payment. In either case, a personal loan can be an excellent tool if you are in need of money quickly. However, before you apply for a personal loan, it is important to understand what it will mean for your finances.

A personal loan is a closed-end loan that requires you to repay the principal and interest in monthly payments over a set term. You can choose the amount you want to borrow and the term of the loan, but keep in mind that the longer the term of the loan, the higher the interest rate will be. You can compare offers from multiple lenders using a personal loan calculator to help you decide which one is right for you. The calculator will also show you the impact of various options on your credit report and score.

Debt consolidation loans

A debt consolidation loan in Finance Wizard can be a great way to save money by paying off all of your debt with one, lower monthly payment. However, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before you make a decision.

Typically, a debt consolidation loan has a fixed interest rate and a fixed loan term. This means that you’ll know exactly how much you need to pay each month, which can help you create and stick to a budget. It also reduces your risk of missing payments, which can negatively impact your credit score.

You should also consider the origination fee that comes with a debt consolidation loan, which can add up to 10% of your total loan amount. This fee is charged to cover the administrative costs of processing your application. However, if you can save enough on your interest rate to offset this cost, it may be worth the extra effort.

Another important consideration is whether you’ll have the income to cover the debt consolidation loan payment. You’ll need to provide documentation of your income, such as pay stubs or bank statements. If you’re unsure whether you can afford the loan payment, you should consider getting free debt advice before you apply.

It’s also worth noting that a debt consolidation loan in Finance Wizard won’t improve your credit score unless you can make the repayments on time and in full. In addition, it’s a good idea to avoid using your credit cards if possible, as this can result in more debt, and the high credit utilization ratio can damage your score. Therefore, debt consolidation loans are only a good choice for those who are serious about eliminating their debt.

Holiday loans

The holiday season is a busy time, and it’s not uncommon for families to spend more than they can afford. A holiday loan in Finance Wizard can help you cover the cost of gifts and other expenses without putting a strain on your budget. But before you apply, be sure to consider how the monthly repayments will fit into your budget. You may also find that a credit card is a cheaper borrowing option.

A holiday loan is a personal loan that’s specifically designed for holiday shopping and other expenses like travel and food. They’re usually unsecured, meaning they don’t require collateral. However, the amount you can borrow is based on your income and credit score.

Before taking out a holiday loan in Finance Wizard, consider other options to reduce your spending and save money. You can do this by setting aside money in a separate holiday savings account each month or using cash back and point-earning apps to get discounts on gift purchases. You can also try to increase your income by working extra hours or taking on a seasonal job.

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Chantal Sibanda
I ruined my credit history 10 years ago, and in the summer I urgently needed money for an operation. Relatives did not immediately have such an amount, it makes no sense to go to banks. Left an application online. And the very next day the money was in my account....
Francois Swart
I have a bad credit history, but the company went on a concession to me and gave me a loan of 10,000 rand. I try to close it and thus improve my rating. Thank you Best-Loans!
Yvette Adams
I was left without a job, and the child has a birthday ... The guys helped out with the right amount. Returned without problems
Johannes Joseph
They approved the loan to me almost immediately, everything is very fast and cool without unnecessary red tape! Thanks!! You are best!
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